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Hot Product : Mad Catz® amBX kit
The new Mad Catz® amBX kit is due to be released any time now and consists of 2 lights which react to the colours on the screen but can also be directly controlled in games (where coded) for extra effects and can also react to music as well.

In addition there is also an amBX compatible keyboard due for release by Mad Catz® as well which is styled like the original Eclipse Keyboard but the backlight is capable of displaying 16 million colours (just like the lights) and can also illuminate different areas seperately so you could have blue/red/green sections or any colour you want for different things (great for MMO's to represent different spells).

06 February 2011 12:34

Okay it's been ages since I've really done anything with this site - decided I'm going to change it over to doing some reviews etc and create a seperate section for all my other stuff which people will be notified on the relevant sites.

06 August 2008 12:15

I'm currently working on some Vista-esque skins for SysMetrix but I want to do some layouts for VFlayouts to match the VampireFreaks design that Jen and I did.

I'm almost finished with the skin though (just need to do the media player section).

I'll keep you posted :)

06 July 2008 18:06

I think the VampireFreaks main page is pretty much done now so I've decided to do some VampireFreaks related skins for SysMetrix and ObjectDock which will be hosted on VFlayouts at sometime in the future.

I will possibly host all my VampireFreaks Wallpapers on there also (will see what happens).

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